Use Quality Aerial Video & Photo for anything:

Real Estate - Get that over-head view of your property (we film inside too).  Property Managers - call us before you hire that boom lift to inspect the exterior or roof of a high-story building.  We can get up close and inspect the exterior of a building while on the ground you view exactly what the aerial camera sees in real-time.

Construction - View progress with an aerial video or get a time-lapse view of your construction project.  Get up close and personal with those hard-to-see parts high off the ground.

Engineers / Architects - Check out the lay of the land from all different angles & perspectives before you design.  Get exact, current aerial images from multiple angles - what it looks like today - not some old, outdated image from some web database. 

Governments - Would your Police Department benefit from an aerial view of a car accident? Keep an eye on wild fires from the air. Search and rescue from the sky is a lot less costly with Quality Aerial Video & Photo.  Access remote areas and get counts on game at a fraction of the cost.

Legal & Insurance - Get a mounted, high-resolution poster-sized print of the crime scene with a bird's-eye view - perfect in the courtroom. Show the expanse of property damage with an aerial view of the disaster.

Marketing Firms - Give your clients the advantage with HD Imagery from the air at a fraction of the cost others charge.  Boaters - get awesome aerial video of your boat on the water.  Use it to sell/advertise.

Event Coverage - Let us film your outdoor event from the air! Works great with snow skiing, running, bicycling, boating, water skiing, ATV-ing, rock climbing, golfing and just plain having fun!

TV News / Movies - Need a "Live - Chopper" view of something - give us a call and we will be there in minutes (and for a fraction of the cost).